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London landscape with Big Ben

''...when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life, for there is in London all that life can afford.'' Dr Samuel Johnson 1709-1784

There is an abundance of things to see, and do in London, There is every kind of cuisine imaginable - it is very cosmopolitan and rich in history.

London is also one of the most accessible cities in Europe - the only city with all accessible taxis known as the black cab. All the buses in central London has lowered floors and ramps and therefore accessible for one wheelchair passenger.

Places to stay

Different people have different levels of needs for hotel facilities - some people need hoists, some people just need more space, some people need roll in roll out showers, some people need their televisions to have captions/subtitles and light alams, vibrating alert systems. Some hotels might not be all accessible but have welcoming and friendly staff who are willing to accommodate as best they can. It is not always the most expensive hotel which is the best inclusive hotel.

I have stayed in many hotels in London (including some hostels). It depends on what level of accessibility and comfort you need and  what your budget is. It also depends on what you intend to do in London - if you want to do the sights, you might want to stay in the center. If you do not mind traveling, you might be able to stay further away.

There are 2 hotels I know of which has integrated hoists, however, one of them is a single bedroom which is no good if you want a romantic stay or if you have a partner.  Which hotel would be the best if you want sub titles for your television if you are hearing impaired? If your access needs are just that you need a roll in shower - which of the main hotels provide that? Not all accessible rooms reported on websites mean that they have roll in showers.

So far I have not located any suites or serviced apartments  which are accessible in  London - this  does not mean  they do not exist but just that I have not found any.